GOL About Us


CODING: We love to play with code. Our soft, minimum and organized documented code, solving any complicated problems with the most elegant solutions.

EXPERIENCE: It’s all about the experience, and we have a TON. By our experience, we know what works and what doesn’t in what special situation.

FARSIGHTEDNESS: Experience provides farsightedness which helps us to see the distant future, maybe seen more clearly than that of the near one.

COMMUNICATION: We always work to improve communication with our team and our clients so that we can deliver the best solutions.

EMERGENCY: We are online for any emergency; whenever you found any issue our team is available around the clock for your help.

GOL key features

Mrs. Alisha (co-founder)

Our best expert are the only key strength of GO ONLINE LIVE team. We always focus and centerpiece our key strength to build a lifelong relation with every clients and customers. Our discern proud to have an remarkable positive track, further strengthens our full dedication to simplify customer’s work, is our best privileged.

– Mrs. Alisha (co-founder)

We operate our GO ONLINE LIVE [GOL] under these guiding principles:

  • Our aim from the day ’01’ has been to continuously build and produce super great, newly design IDEAs that has both good, better, and best in every view; because everything at GOL’s is only ruled by KNOWLEDGE.
  • We all strive for UNCOMPROMISING efficient, fabulous, prodigious, exceptional, caring and sincere service for our every client (try our level BEST for ‘closest to be PERFECT‘ as possible).
  • We always want to be a good STAND for everyone & every business. AND want to create a good place for them, on THE WEB. We want to OFFER something for vigorous tempting the TASK to glorify your business identity in front of this competitive WORLD.
  • We always love to provide solicitous, concern, gracious, and attentive ENVIRONMENTAL STATE for each and every member of our GOL‘s team to get the best thought of their mind at every project.
  • We always excited to build a strong RELATIONSHIPS with every individual, we interact with: our client, business community, and or our external support teams, maybe; because in GOL we BELIEVE we can learn from anyone anywhere.
  • A friendly community is a very IMPORTANT part of us because we are always an active part of the community. We get the best ideas from the AROUND US, sometimes give our best to charitable causes, and work with EACH AND EVERY organization to LEARN the truth of life that “When you make a choice, you change the future”.
  • We just want to be a place to LEARN. From learning what we get: to seeing FRESH MIND for the first time, to discover what ERROR looks like, to learn about where our IDEAS comes from. Now by which we strive to be a great progressive force behind every proposition of “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”


GOL About Us