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Anti-virus software is a tool that consists of acombination of programs which are intentional to search for, notice, stop, and eradicate software viruses, and other dangerous software like worms, Trojans, rootkits, and more. These tools are precarious for consumers to use on a daily basis as a computer system that does not have an anti-virus software may get in fested within seconds of linking to the internet. With hazard being persistent and forever upgrading, the anti-virus corporations have to modernize their detection tools often to deal with many of new parts of malwares shaped every day.

Norton Antivirus is an anti-malware software dispersed by the famous Symantec Corporation. It has been customary since 1991. It uses both the concepts of signatures and heuristics to identify viruses. Further features comprised are e-mail anti spamming and phishing and filtering defence. It also delivers Norton customer care to all the users for any kinds of support.

AVG Technologies is a Brno, Czech Republic based security software firm having started back in the year 1991 which delivers the Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Security Toolbar, Link Scanner,  Anti-Rootkit, Web Shield and various protection modules. It also has a search engine by AVG that provides fewer risks in the browsing and searching. You can simply interact the AVG customer service for any help.

The running concepts of each one of them may differ but they execute some basic roles like Eliminate any such code detected after scanning detailed files or directories for any malware or known mischievous forms,occasionally you may be warned of an infection and asked if you need to remove that file or not. You can work on other programs in the computer system while it will automatically do this behind the scenes.

Some basic jobs of antiviruses are:

  • To scan files or directories thoroughly for any malware.
  • Eradicate any bad code detected and also intermittently you will be educated of an infection and asked if you want to remove or clean the file.
  • Permit you to plan scans to automatically run meant for you
  • Display the ‘health’ of the computer
  • It lets you to initiate a scan of any file or of a CD/DVD or Pen drive at any timeor of your computer.

You must be sure that you have the best and up-to-date security software fitted to your computers forcaring the laptops, mobiles, tablets etc.

You can contact the Norton and AVG with regardingall enquiries:

  • Visit websiteform fromthe technical support.
  • Fill the detailsproperly.
  • Select the proper category, and then examine or post your query. Before posting, you must log in to your respective Web Account or Facebook account.
  • Dependent on the indicated issue, phone number,chat link, or email formwill be presented.

Every time you face any problem linked with Norton and AVG antivirus, you can contact the Norton and AVG customer care service for getting your support and services. These groups are being tested and curbed 24*7 hours so you will get the issue resolved very fast.

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