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The way technology has been evolving, it is having a great impact on day-to-fay activities, operations of different organizations and more. The impact of technological advancements has even altered the structures and modes of operations of numerous companies. Digitization and wider usage of technology has however did not interfere with the importance of printing in business and other organizations. Digital data has become very popular for its own reasons but printing stills holds its importance. The usage has even increased over the years to fulfill diverse needs.

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Proper functioning of an office substantially depends on the kind of equipment it is using. Photo-copiers, scanners and printers are some of the most important office equipment after computers and laptops. It’s easier to carry digital data and even store but printouts remain the foundation for major office works. Here is some irreplaceable importance of printers.

  • Maintaining official documents are a crucial part of the business management process because its absence can give a jolt to the regular functioning of a company.
  • Print outs from the printers are used to keep official records like employee records and the diverse Human Resources work.
  • Printout of sale figures is taken to prepare sale fliers and keep a record of it.
  • The deals that the companies engage into are printed out using printers. This is a very crucial document and hence again highlights the importance of printers in office.
  • The use of printers has greatly diversified from its basic uses to further advanced uses. Apart from printing on papers, you can print on any type of materials. You can have something printed on wood or metals.
  • You can create labels plastic or glass with the advanced printing systems. This is how you can get customized products.

However, like no technology is glitch-free, you may face quite a few difficulties with printers too. However, when you face any issues with printing using the HP printer, then you can call on HP technical support contact number and take help from the technical experts in the team. Here are some common technical issues that you may face and their possible solutions.

  • At times you face one of the most common and irritating problem is that when printer refuses to print. There could be a number of reasons for this issue. So first check whether there is an error message/warning light on the printer. Make sure that the printer has enough paper and ink cartridge also that the USB cable is connected with the printer.
  • Sometimes you face problem in printing from your tablet. Make sure that the printer from which you are taking out print-outs is a wireless printer; else you won’t be able to take print-outs.
  • There are times when you may find that a blank paper is ejected every time you print. If you face such a problem then the follow these steps:

Step 1: Open ‘Devices and Printers’ from the Control Panel and right click on the ‘Printer.’

Step 2: From there you click on ‘Printing preferences’. You would see an option to enable/disable separator pages. If you cannot find that option then right click on the ‘Printer’ and select ‘Properties.’ You can also double click on it and then follow the instructions to separate the pages.

If you are still facing any problem with printing then call on HP technical support contact number for further technical assistance.

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