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On 30May ‘2017’, my friend ordered a combo of 2 Samsung EVO 32GB MicroSD class10 memory card from ebay from seller “logugeck_4” and paid around Rs599/- INR (PaisaPay ID 45410987326). Although seller describe as same day dispatch but he dispatch after 2 days on 1st June by DTDC courier (Z25844286). On 2nd or 3rd June, buyer try to track courier but found that DTDC courier display ‘No tracking details’ and when buyer try to track seller on ebay he found that seller’s ebay account was deleted. Buyer wait till 6th June but still DTDC courier display ‘No tracking details’ then he first call DTDC – they reply that as tracking display no details, that means error in shipment no or shipment cancel or shipment details error or may be else. Soon buyer called ebay, they reply though seller account deleted, you have to wait 10/15 days before claim anything.

On 9th June, suddenly buyer found tracking details on DTDC but booking date was 7th June with error pincode Kolkata-700001 where as buyer’s address pincode is Kolkata-700078 (to misguide and delay courier service) 

As soon as buyer received the package he opened it and first think he found that one of the Samsung EVO 32GB MicroSD memory card content dirty hair with dust, inside seal pack and print of the both packages are very odd and dark color then usual.

Soon buyer cut out one of the memory card and insert it in his phone by replace his old one but his phone response nothing (usually new card popup format option, as soon as insert in phone). Buyer check each and every thing (File Manager, Storage) but no external memory card detected.

Next day on 10th June, buyer take this to local Samsung World and request them to check the memory cards. Without taking in hand, in a glace, they told they are fake samsung replica memory card, not original. Suddenly one of them take it and try to check serial number, which is print on every memory card, under magnify glass and start laughing. When he stop, what he said is extremely astonishing – he said it not a fake memory card but it not a memory card too, only a plastic board, dice and color like memory card – one side black with golden tooth like memory card connectors and other side like Samsung EVO 32GB MicroSD with 3rd class CD cover printer machine. Not only that, when he rubbed one of them on hand , it’s color scratch out and change to another color.

He also explain everything that some big online stores are also attache with this scammers. Suppose, as buyer paid Rs 600/- on 30th May and after 10 days he received a fake product and going to claim refund which ‘online store’ will take 10/15 days, at least. ‘Online store’ will somehow cross a month to keep this buyer’s Rs 600/- in ‘online store’ account and if they cheat 10,000 buyers per month, then Rs 600/- x 10,000 = Rs 60,00,000.00 (sixty lakes). Very simply online store cheat buyers and easily collect Rs 60,00,000.00 (sixty lakes) per month and roll it in shares to earn in lakes.


  1. Do ‘online store’ like Ebay and others attach with this online scammers ?
  2. Do ‘online store’ like Ebay and others cheat innocent customers and loots in lakes form customers money ?
  3. If not – do ‘online store’ like Ebay track down the scammers form their IP address and punish them ?
  4. Do the buyer get back his Rs 600/- or ‘online store’ like Ebay forfeit it ?

Stay tune for update …. SOON

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