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British Telecom is among the leading tele-communication company in the world. It is famous for supplying the necessities of their clients not just in the United Kingdom but across the whole world. The prime objective of this company is to deal with mobile &land-line services, broadband Internet services,digital television, etc.and also in IT services. Like many broadband companies, email service also comes without any extra cost with the BT Broadband. It offers free and user-friendly interface to the email clients.

Though BT email service is very easy to use but once in a while one can face some technical issues like login failure to email Account or not able to send-receive mails from their email account. BT email Support team is always eager to help you out.

Mail Support

Some of the problems you may face are:

  • Improperusername/password
  • Unrecognized email account
  • Account is suspended state
  • Account blocked temporarily due to inactivity
  • Account ID has been expired
  • Password changed recently
  • Account is hacked
  • Password re-setter not working properly

Before you contact the BT email support, you can try to solve the problems manually by trying one of the following tricks:

  • Please check if you are connected to the internet and it is working fine.
  • BT email servers might be offline due to some technical issue. So, you may wait and try again after sometime.Try sending email to more people and if no one receives your mails, then the problem can be with your server or your network.
  • Please check if your username or password is correct or not and try re-entering it.
  • Check if the “caps lock” is on or not.
  • Some accounts are blocked due to some reasons, please check if your account comes under the same condition.
  • Try restarting your browser or the email client whatever you are using to see if the problem gets solved or not.

After trying all of the above possible tricks, you can then contact BT directly at BT Email Support.

Contacting Google mail contact number:

Google mail or Gmail is the most used free online email service powered by Google. Google mail gives you prospects to avail all the features of Gmail account like emailing, accessing Google Plus, blogging, android contacts, IMAP & POP configuration on email client, anti-spammer, and many other features, compatible with all other email software like Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

Sometimes you may face some technical issues like password reset, account setup, account recovery, Google mail password recovery, and errors during sending and receiving mails etc. In these cases you can call on our Gmail contact number 0-800-098-8604 for any sort of technical help. The experts are ready to help willingly.

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