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Sometimes printers may get damaged while you are printing important documents. In that case you will have to face several kinds of problems. To resolve those problems you must know some troubleshooting steps.

Also you can take help from the tech support team by visiting their website or by calling on their helpline number such as Epson printer helpline number. These below mentioned troubleshooting steps you can get from the tech support team:

  • At first you should certainly check whether the cable plug is connected well and whether it is on or not. Also you will have to check whether the printer’s plug is correctly connected or not. If the LED light gets on when you press the power button, you should understand that all the connections are properly made.
  • Also you should check the ink cartridge if your printer is printing blank pages or printouts are having missing ink or black ink all over the page. This may happen due to low ink in the cartridge or when your ink cartridge gets damaged these issues also may occur. You will have to refill or clean or replace the ink cartridge according to the problem.


  • Most printers contain a self-test function and you should run that test at first if you are having any kind of problem while using the printer. Perform a test print. Most Epson printers have a self-test function. If your printer can pass the self-test you will have to understand that it is now ready to print properly. Otherwise you will have to apply troubleshooting steps according to the problem to run the printer properly.
  • If your printer is showing “Ready,” “Connected” or “Online” on its LCD screen that means your printer’s status is alright. If you are receiving error messages on that LCD screen you will have to resolve that by following the manual.
  • Also you should make sure that the print queue is backed up. To check this thing you will have to go to “Control Panel” from your desktop and then you will have to select “Printers”. Now you will have to right click on your printer’s icon. Then you will have to select “Purge Print Documents.” Next you will have to try to print again.
  • Sometimes printers also need to be cleaned. That is why you should clean the printer carefully. Also you can use the printer’s self-cleaning feature which you may find under the driver’s “Utilities” or the printer’s “Properties” section. Then you will have to click on the “Clean Print Heads.” Button. Also you can use dry cloth to wipe down the printer slowly.
  • You should check the paper tray frequently to clean the tiniest papers from it as this can cause paper jam in your printer. Also you should be very careful while loading papers in the paper tray. Otherwise this may become reason for paper jams again and again. You should always keep in your mind that while cleaning the paper from the printer you should always unplug the printer.

After applying these troubleshooting steps if your printer is still not working properly, you should get in touch with the customer support team such as Epson printer customer support team. They can guide you properly.

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