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There is no way to avoid it, technology has taken a front seat in just about every humans life rather they like it or not. The top technology blogs on the internet give the tech-lovers a way to stay in touch with the newest technology trends and helps them see what is coming next for their favorite types of tech and more importantly their favorite tech gadgets. These blogs can really help you make smart buying decisions too. When you know where the trends are going to be going it is much easier to buy the products or services that will be here and just as relevant for years to come. Because technology and the surrounding products , services, and businesses so fast, it really is hard to predict what will be next.

Here is a list of best 10 technical blogs with the latest technological trends which give all the relevant information.

  1. Zath:

It is updated by Simon Baker who is currently completing a PhD in electrical and electronic engineering. Zath is a fantastic blog with a focus on getting the best out of hi tech gadgets and finding the best quality gaming out there. With News, Games and Reviews of the latest technology, Zath covers general computing technology, hi-tech gadgets, and keeps you up to speed with the latest gaming developments.

  1. Lonare

Lonare is one of the best technology news blogs, where you will find all updated news around technological updates and changes. They provide you the latest breaking news and videos straight from the techn industry. From reviews of games and gadgets to tips for small businesses, this blog has wide appeal. Here one will get the latest technology news and reviews relating specifically to the UK. Posts are separated by sections, making the blog easy to navigate. With several different blogs, each dedicated to a different area of technological goodness, there is a mammoth of information available to readers.

  1. The Telegraph’s Technology Blog:

This blog mainly contains posts from guest writers in the form of industry experts. Posts are published along with a short summary meaning that users can glance over the blog feed and be provided with a snapshot of the latest industry news, or click on the posts to access more in-depth analysis. The posts are extremely well written and cover multiple topics impacting the Tech sector.

  1. Bit tech:

Bit-tech covers everything from computer hardware, gaming and other technology. With a large forum for readers bit-tech is a real treat for the inner geek.Bit-tech has a reputation for providing impartial and opinionated pieces on computer hardware, games and other technology. It also has an extensive forum for readers who like to interact with fellow techies.

  1. The Guardian’s tech blog:

With a dedicated team of technology experts, the Guardian offers readers a varied insight into the world of technology with articles about computing and gadgetry being at the forefront of items covered. Topics come from a variety of sources and global locations. The blog is run by Charles Arthur, the Guardian’s technology editor. It offers daily updates and analysis covering the latest development in tech. Covering news, smart phones, accessories, apps,  games, the blog aims to deliver unbiased content on the market.

  1. Gadgette:

This blog is run by Holly Brockwell, who is the former editor of ShinyShiny. Gadgette focuses on consumer tech, gaming, science, digital and much more. It provides readers with clear and straightforward reviews for a variety of new gadgets such as wearable tech, laptops, robots, and phones.

  1. Mighty Gadget:

The Mighty Gadget blog contains posts regarding the latest technology news and reviews relating specifically to the UK. Posts are separated by sections, making the blog easy to navigate. It is a great site for news, reviews and features about tech gadgets relating to the UK market. They regularly review new products so there is a good opportunity for businesses looking to launch a new gadget or app – remember though they are an impartial, quality site and so you should keep that in mind when submitting a product.

  1. Which? Tech Daily:

This blog focuses specifically on new products as they come out and aims to put hype into perspective with realistic product reviews. It is useful blog to visit if you are considering in investing in new technology for your business. It offers companies fantastic exposure when it comes to product news and reviews.

  1. CNET:

This blog website ensures to create an enlightened society. It offers news on technological products including photography, computer, mobile, security, tech industry and culture, internet, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. The website offers well-researched news articles which are edifying and educational. Videos on various topics like latest news and products of Apple, Face book, iPhone, etc. are very beneficial and keep the people well adept with the latest trends and products available in the market.

  1. Mashable:

Last but not the least, Mashable is a blog specifically targeted at IT professionals and brings together news, analysis and reviews from across the industry. It provides all the latest vital news and latest resources, news and information related to technical advancements.

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