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Emailing is one of the most used modes of communication and the growing popularity of emails has also attracted many email service providers. Among them Hotmail is mostly preferred by people. While the primary purpose of getting an email account – which is communication through emails, is very efficiently served by others, there are a few distinguishable features of Hotmail which makes it more popular among the users.

Hotmail customer care number

Create an account on Hotmail and you would be able to use them. If you need any assistance the call Hotmail customer care number of help. Here are some of the most interesting features of Hotmail which are making it so popular.

  • Security is the main concern for all users. Since security threats looms largely over emails, they are being targeted by hackers to steal information and data and even gain control on the system, user prefer email service providers which offer them the highest security. Hotmail matched the requirement with it A level security features. The ‘HTTPS’ does not only remain during the logging in process but remains for the entire session from logging in to browsing emails. This further secures the email account from phishing attacks.
  • In Hotmail, you can have free Microsoft office web apps. You can view, edit and even share those office documents without downloading them on your systems. You just need to email the document to yourself and work on it.
  • Hotmail allows and even facilitates document collaboration in real time. Two individuals can work on the same document and at the same time. Click on the file which is on the sender’s Skydrive. This will open the document online and people can work on the same file. You can see the number of people editing the document at the bottom right hand corner and can instantly track the changes.
  • It allows you to send and receive huge files. You can send up to 10GB of files in a single mail.
  • It has interesting filtering options through which you can very conveniently filter emails with social updates, emails from usual contact and groups.
  • Hotmail allows you to have quick views. If you want to check emails with only images then you just need to click on the “Photos” link that you would find on the left panel. Likewise, when you want to see all mails with attached documents then you must click on “Documents.”

If you are unable to find any of these features on your Hotmail account then call on Hotmail customer care number for the required help.

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