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Email or electronic mail has become one of the most important medium to convey long drafts of messages or anything that has to do with official work. This is why people go to great lengths to ensure that the email account they set up doesn’t get stolen or hacked by anyone.

The consequences are even grave if you have every type of sensitive information stored on your email account. For instance, everyone is given a secure log in ID and password for the company at which they work. This is done to ensure that any information related to confidential contracts and deals doesn’t get leaked.

One of the renowned email services providers is Hotmail which was recently renamed as Outlook when Microsoft took over the mailing service.

So, in the worst case scenario, if your email account does get hacked, you can always contact the Hotmail customer service executive. But, before that you should try recovering it on your own.

Steps to take for recovering hacked mail account

  • The first thing you should do is change your password right away. This is something which every Hotmail customer service executive will suggest you when you call them for help.
  • Go to your Microsoft account and log in.
  • Then, go to the ‘password and security’ section of your account.
  • Re-enter a password that you know cannot be guessed by anyone.

In a case, you have given a recovery mail ID or phone number then an OTP will be sent to those addresses and numbers to re-set your password and you should do it ASAP.

What about people who haven’t added security details? Well, Microsoft has something figured out for them as well and that is filling out a questionnaire. This questionnaire will have specific questions about your account which only you will know. Once you are done with this, someone from the company will get back to your regarding your account details.

Connecting with another PC for added security

For added security, Microsoft recommends setting up a ‘trusted PC’. This way you can recapture your hacked account. Instead of just setting up your account on one computer, you can add two or more personal computers of yours to your account.

This will help you accessing your account from a different computer in case it ever gets hacked. When you will be logging in from a different system, Outlook will already know that you are the true owner of the account and will grant you access.

When it comes to hacked accounts, we all know how easy it would be if we all just managed to keep our accounts safe. There are plenty of ways to do that and it starts with not accepting any type of scam mails. Also, you should change your password every now and then so that a hacker will have trouble accessing your account.

If everything comes down to the worse situation, then you are always backed by Hotmail customer care number who are available 24*7 for your services.

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