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Emails have risen to become an integral part of the communication process in the present time. It is one of the most widely used means of communication because of its efficiency in communicating to least error and maintaining confidentiality. People from every age group; have been using indiscriminately using it to facilitate their purpose and have been very satisfied with it. But at times you would encounter a number of emailing issues and among them email bounce back is a common issue that you may often encounter.

At&t customer support

If you are experiencing abnormal email bounce backs, you can call up the experts at At&t customer support for help. However, here are some common reasons due to which you may face email bounce back problem.

  • It could be because the email account in which you are sending the mail does not exist at all. We may make mistake in noting down the email address or in typing them on the address bar. When emails are sent to non-existent email account, they would bounce back.
  • If the mail that you are sending is ‘undeliverable’ then they would bounce back. A mail becomes ‘undeliverable’ when the email server is temporarily unavailable or if it overloaded or when it cannot be found.
  • When the mail box of your receiver is full and there’s no space to accommodate any more mails then the sent mail to that receiver would bounce back. In such cases it would be difficult for you to know. So when you get to know about email bounce back then try to ask the receiver to check his or her mail box and if needed, create some space.

If you the number of your bounce back mail increase then it give a bad reputation to your email account.  Technical experts at the At&t customer support team says that, more and more number of bounce back mails will decrease the deliverability of your email account and at the same time minimize the scopes of success for your email campaigns. Since email campaigns are a very important part of marketing communication and it is currently used by most brands, so you must closely monitor your bouncing back emails.

Here are a few things that you can try to control emails from bouncing from your account.

  • You can remove the email accounts which are giving you more number of bounce back mails. You can take those contacts away from your list. However, you can add those contacts later when the problem solves.
  • Make a ‘Do Not Mail List’ and add this to your email account. To this list add the contacts which are giving you bounce back emails. This will prevent you from sending any mail to these accounts. Such mail lists are created according to the bounce category.

Emailing issues are a part of the dynamic means of communication. However, there are a number of customer support teams which have been lending their support to enrich the communication.

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