SBC Global email tech support
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Email is the standard popular mode of communication for formal purposes. The use of email has been further boosted by easy and unlimited access to internet by the mass. Most commonly you may need to communicate with companies or individuals from different parts of the world. Then emails become the best mode of communication. But often you may encounter trouble in sending or receiving emails.

  • Flourishing use of emails however does not mean that the process would be free from all glitches. Often you may not be able to send or receive emails; sometimes you can receive but not send. There are also situations when you may be able to send but cannot receive emails, at times even you may find your emails are missing, you may also get a lot of undelivered messages that you haven’t sent. In odd cases you may also get duplicate mails or receive old mails after many days, even months. These are quite common and weird problems which significantly disturbs the flow of communication. Don’t worry if you face any of other or other kind of problems while emailing. For expert assistance you may ask SBC Global email tech support team.SBC Global email tech support

Since most of us now-da-days use mobiles for serving our communication needs, you may face emailing issues form your mobile. If you face issues in sending or receiving emails from your mobile phones, then you must troubleshoot your account settings. Technology experts suggest that the best idea would be to remove your account and then again set up your account. But this time make sure you set it with the right configuration.

Problems in sending and receiving mails are found to be one of the most common problems with emailing. Experts in the SBC Global email tech support team has come up with a few easy hacks that would enable you to solve the problem. Let’s take a look.

  • The first thing that you must do is check your internet connection. Often the internet connection is very poor or is not connected at all and we try to send email. So connect your device to the internet. Try to open a web page and still if it doesn’t open then there may be some serious technical issues with your internet connection. It would be best to get the connection restored by your internet service provider.
  • Once your internet connection is restore, then check your email setting which is within your email program. Click on File> Account settings. The click on your email address. This will open up your email settings.
  • The opened setting would like this:

Username: Your complete email address like

Password: The password that you used for creating this mail address.

Incoming mail server: This will reflect your username with your domain name.

Incoming port number: 110 (POP3)

Outgoing mail server: Again your username with domain name

Outgoing port number: 587

  • Check whether the settings are fine or not. If okay then check the authentication is turned on, in the outgoing server.

Ideally, this solves the problem but if the problem still persists then delete your account and create another one.