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  • Your computer, laptop and even your mobile is now more vulnerable to virus and malware attack. Almost all regular activities, official work, education, business are largely dependent on the use of these devices and internet. You need to randomly keep on accessing online information, keep updating and communicate with relevant stakeholders. Your extended online presence, the varied types of information and data which are passing through the internet, all makes this a favored hunting ground for hackers. They can access nearly all possible information by hacking their online points of contact. This is why you must not ignore the use of antivirus to protect your computers and other systems.AVG customer service

With the help of AVG customer service you can successfully install antivirus software. But before you get one make sure that the antivirus that you are buying is the right one. Here are some important things that you must know before finding an antivirus.

  • The antivirus must have a good database of known malware. Since the antivirus needs to know what it would be looking for and alert you when it is found, so you must buy an antivirus which has a good knowledge about virus and malwares.
  • The antivirus must update itself automatically. Everyday new virus is being released by the notorious elements and they attack the computer. So the antivirus needs to update itself to know about them and prepare a suitable defensive mechanism. Automatic updating also allows the antivirus to remove the malware threat. So it is very important to purchase an antivirus which will automatically update itself.
  • Most of the companies involved in providing cyber security solutions perceive detecting and blocking as one service and removing the threat as a different service. So, many antivirus software can only detect and block malware threats but cannot remove it. Sometimes removing the threat is as important as detection and blocking. So make sure that you are buying a complete antivirus solution.
  • Check whether the antivirus software provides, ransomware protection or not. In ransomware protection, you can chose come files and documents to bar them from being attacked by a ransomware. This disables a ransomware from encrypting and blocking files.
  • Finally you must test the antivirus that it works.

Ensure that your computer or laptop or mobile or three of them are not at the risk of any malware attack. For this you can take help from AVG customer service executives.

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