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Email users often face a variety of problems when they access emails and the email tech support team is there to help you out whenever you need help. But the users must keep in mind that all email problems are not difficult to resolve and can be fixed easily. If you have some basic knowledge they you can solve it on your own; however, even after following the steps if you can’t fixed the issue there is the email tech support team to help you out.

Mentioned below are some of the problems that email users face along with their solutions:

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  • Unable to login to the email account: This is one of the most common problems faced by the users. Before contacting the experts at gmail customer service number, you should first check the following things on your own such as whether you are using the correct email id and password, whether the internet connection is there and if the account that you are trying to access is active or not. In case you have forgetting the correct password, you can reset the password to get access to the email. If the internet connection is not there; then you can contact the internet service provider and if the account that you are using is not active; then you should get in touch with the email service provider.
  • Unable to send emails: If you are receiving emails but is not able to send emails; then the first thing that you should do is to check the email id that you have entered in the address column. If you have added extra space, incomplete email address or incorrect spelling; then obviously you will not be able to send emails.
  • Unable to find important emails in the inbox: Email users often have the tendency of deleting emails carelessly. So, if you are not able to find out any of the emails in your inbox, you should check the delete folder first. If you have not deleted the emails permanently; then it will be there in the delete folder. You can also check the other folders as well and find out if you have forwarded to email to any other account. However, if you are still not able to find the mail; then it can be possible that the mail has been deleted permanently; in such case, you can contact gmail customer support as they can guide you to recover the deleted mails.
  • Receiving too many spam mails or undelivered emails: This may indicate that your email id has been hacked or compromised. In such scenario, you should immediately change the password of your email account with a stronger password. Moreover, keep monitoring your system for any further spam mails or undelivered emails. Remember; that you should never click on the link or any documents send by an unknown sender as this can cause your email account to get hacked.

So, if you are facing any such above mentioned problems, follow these solutions but still if you are not able to fix the issue, contact Email tech Support as they are always happy to help you.

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